Preparing your home for photos

Preparing your home for photos

We  have photographed over 3000 homes and created over 1100 virtual/video tours. This is a
basic list of what home owners REALLY need to know BEFORE a home is photographed!
Preparation is key to great photos! These same guide lines can be used for Open Houses as
Tips for preparing your home for a photo shoot and/or virtual tour
Preparing your home for a photo shoot is very similar to preparing your home for an open
house, but you only have to do it once. The photo shoot is an opportunity to show your
house at it best, so put on your sales and marketing hat. Remember, you could have
thousands of people viewing your home.
Take some time to consider the following tips when preparing your
Think like a buyer! Flip through magazines and imagine how your home would look in
Clean well and clear up clutter! If you wouldn’t see it in a model home, hide it! Put
personal belongings out of sight– in closets, under the bed, in drawers, in boxes in the
garage or attic, etc.
Lighten up dark spaces! If you have dark furniture, you can brighten it up with light
colored throw blankets and pillows. If you have a dark rug, a light and neutral area rug
can do wonders to brighten up a room!
Bright idea! Use daylight bulbs in 65 watts – these are recommended to show your
rooms in the best type of light. If you don’t have enough lamps in a room, consider
buying a floor lamp or two.
View askew?! Need to hide an unflattering view? Semi-sheer curtains are perfect for
letting light in and hiding any unflattering views.
Remember CURB APPEAL! Be sure that garbage cans are out of site and basic yard
maintenance has been done. Pay close attention to the front of the house. Trim any dead
branches hanging in front of your house. Liven up the front entrance with some flowering
plants. Open blinds, drapes, and shades. Be sure that blinds are the same length so that
you don’t see one up, one down. Make sure in the winter time that driveways, decks, and
sidewalks are clear of snow and ice.
Lights, Camera, Action! Think about your home as if you were a producer. What are the
highlights? What made you buy the home originally? Which are the best rooms to show
off? While I as a photographer will be looking for the right angles and highlights, no one
knows your home and its highlights better than you!
Scheduling for Photos. Sometimes best to allow yourself an extra day to be prepared.

If you Do Not want something in a picture Remove ahead of time.
Inform. When the photographer calls to make the appointment, let them know if any of
the rooms may be a little dark so they can bring extra lighting. The photographer will
usually take exterior and interior photos during the day.
Be Prepared. Make a list of the rooms they will be photographing. The most commonly
photographed rooms are the kitchen, dining room, living room, family, master bedroom,
exterior front and back and landscaping.
Simplify the process. When the photographer arrives, clear out as many people as
possible and keep pets in a separate room. The process will go smoothly and quickly if
the photographer doesn’t have to work around people and pets.

Your Cooperation will be very much appreciated.

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